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Do you feel stuck and frustrated with your current weight and fitness level?

Trying to juggle your job, family, and life and STILL find time to workout?

Tired of trying diets, meal plans, and programs that don't provide sustainable results?

Hi - I'm Steph - and I understand because I was right where you are just a few years ago...

So there I was in November 2013, four months after giving birth to our daughter and almost 4 sizes larger and 25 pounds heavier than my comfortable size and weight. I was not happy.

Even though I had a great job, a wonderful husband, and a beautiful new daughter, I was still not happy with myself. I knew how I got there…I had given into almost any craving I had while I was pregnant, and while I worked out some during my pregnancy and ate fairly well, I had never really established a consistent workout and meal planning routine.

I was also a full-time working Officer in the Navy, had a husband who worked full-time, and was raising a newborn. I was trying to do it all and be that woman who “had it all together”. Basically, I let everything else take priority except my health and well-being. Sound familiar?
I knew I wanted to lose the baby weight, and as an Officer in the Navy I had to meet weight and physical fitness standards. But the truth is, I just didn’t like the way I looked and felt. I used to love shopping and going out, but I found myself avoiding those things because I hated how I looked in almost everything I bought. I also stopped wearing shorts, even though I lived in Southern California. I wanted to be a mom that presented a fit and healthy self to my kids and become someone they could look up to. I wanted to set the right example.

Just like most people, I wanted the quick fix so I tried everything under the sun. If it came pre-packaged and promised the loss of 15-20 pounds, I tried it. I spent thousands of dollars on home aerobic videos, meal plans, pre-packaged food, tracking systems… Some of them worked at first, but then I always gained the weight back shortly after. This became a vicious cycle of starving myself, then getting depressed and stressed out and binging on treats, wine, and not watching my portions at all. Then I would move on to the next fad diet or workout.
What I found was that the workout programs and ways of eating were simply not sustainable. The workouts were either too time consuming or left me hurting and miserable, and the meal plans were either too expensive, didn’t taste good, were not something my family would eat with me, and most of them really didn’t teach me about healthy and portion controlled meals. I also got tired of seeing all these programs out there created by young people with no kids. What do they know about trying to make it all work while being a full-time working mom? I wanted someone I could related to show me the way.

That is when I knew I had to create my own program. I found that strength training with moderate cardio, combined with mostly clean eating seemed to have the most profound effect and lasting results. I knew that I wanted to have a strength training and cardio routine that I could do before work or during my lunch break that didn’t last longer than 40 minutes. I also knew that I need to create a meal plan that tasted good, was easy to make, and that my family would actually eat with me!
So I combined everything I had learned into The Mackris Method. It consists of full-body workouts utilizing weight training and cardio in an efficient method that allows you to burn body fat, build lean muscle, and improve your cardiovascular health. The key is my tried and tested sequence of weightlifting supersets, cardio movements, and calisthenics that can all be accomplished in just 40 minutes on the gym floor.

The meal plan consists of 3 meals a day with 2-3 healthy snacks. It also allows one cheat meal every Saturday night, which consisted of whatever entrée and dessert you want, along with (my beloved!) wine.
I started following The Mackris Method consistently for 12 weeks starting in July 2016. In just 12 weeks, I dropped down to a size 2, and more importantly, have maintained between a size 2 and 4 ever since! Sure, there have been bumps in the road. There are times, like holidays, when you just want to indulge in everything in sight. But now I just saved them up for my cheat meal!

I found a method that worked for me, got me the results I wanted, was not a fad, and still allowed me to spend quality time with my family and not neglect my duties as a Navy Officer. Nothing should have to be “given up” for you to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle! You should not have to sacrifice your family, your job, or your personal time to make it happen!
During this entire process, I became a better mom, wife, Navy Officer, and friend. I felt confident and I found a new passion in helping others achieve their health and fitness goals, passing on what I had learned to those in the same situation where time and money is not always in surplus.

I decided I wanted to save other working moms the same frustrations, setbacks, money loss, health and fitness industry lies, and stress that I went through in trying to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am not a certified nutritionist or personal trainer, but I am a real, full-time working mom that has figured it out!

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